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Why "Cobblestone Life?" The knack and interest of writing began 20 years ago and continued as a gifting in my college years; however, the calling to put pen to paper in a online experience began a year after stepping away from my career as a Preschool Director at a phenomenal church. It is all the life experiences I have been privileged to walk through combined with the insatiable drive to study new things that I began "Cobblestone Life" to write about subjects I have not only studied, lived, and struggled through but am passionate about.

Through many phases of my life I have been exposed to walking on cobblestone streets both on short term vacations and years of college classes. If you ever had the privilege to walk on a cobblestone path, you can attest to the beauty and intricacy of its design. It does; however, prove to have its challenges among the beauty. Cobblestone is not always even. The stones can pose a risk of tripping and are undoubtedly unforgiving when one falls. The streets are very noisy, not conducive to heals, painstaking to maintain, and devoid of economic use to modern day walkways/roads. On the proactive side, cities paved in cobblestone give an attractive old world charm, welcome romantic strolls, and despite their noise, are a legitimate way to travel through many old cities.

"Cobblestone Life" is a name which reflects the life we all live. There are struggles and the undoubtable fall as we grapple through different circumstances, nevertheless, we inevitably stand up and continue on our way. Our lives are noisy; touching the lives of other people every moment as we stroll through our streets of interconnectedness. Our lives offer us a reminiscence of old; of memories long relegated to the past. Some memories bring pain while others boast of romantic strolls through beautiful phases.

In either phase your life is at this moment, "Cobblestone Life" offers you a chance to connect to others through our forum where questions and answers can be posted for those living in uneven moments and victors who have hindsight to these phases. Our website also offers blog postings so that you can make the most out of your romantic stroll through your own "Cobblestone Life."  

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Valerie Goebel

Writer, Blogger, Mom, Wife and so much more

A graduate in 2007 with a Elementary/Early Childhood degree, Valerie has worked 24 years with children including but not limited to daycare teacher, public school substitute, babysitter, and church preschool director, marriage mentor, and small group leader.  She married the man of her dreams when she married her high school foreign exchange sweetheart and has lived her lifelong dream when she became a mom to each of her 4 girls. She is a writer, mother of four, hiker, wife, farmer, friend, and daughter of God. In essence, she is a world changer, a bottom wiper, a tear catcher, a listener, a pooper scooper, and an ever learning, listening, daughter of the King.

"For my part, I move not for movement's sake,

but to move. I do so to move others.

The great tragedy is to become stagnant."

Valerie Goebel

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