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The Cobblestone Daily: Chaos

It has been a chaotic couple of weeks while we went through what should have been an easy renovation. As I sit down to reflect on the events which happened in my life, I am thankful we made it through the journey with our family closer and more aligned than before. Don't get me wrong, many good things happened; however, anyone who knows me knows that I like a sense of order and a timeline on events happening in my life. I felt like I was walking around in my life unable to focus on what was in front of me because there was so much coming from each side.

What I learned in these weeks of chaos is that there was always one constant. I was not always faithful to have my Bible time each morning, but He was faithful to meet me when I did. I was not always faithful to pray before checking my phone when I awoke each morning, but He listened when I came. I was not always faithful to sleep enough each evening, but He made the sleep I had sweet.

Giggling girls trying on my dresses amidst the chaos.

God was my constant. When I couldn't look straight for staring at the storm to my right or left, God would nudge me back to His peace and calm straight in front. When I wanted to focus on the chaos of my home amidst prolonged renovation, He made me see the people who really make up my home. He brought joy in the tired moments and purpose in the frustrating ones.

I was frustrated with the condition of my home, but I was unable to control the circumstances. I was frustrated at the incompetence of people and how they blatantly did not do their job nor did they care how it affected others. But through these circumstances, it gave our family time to embrace the imperfections of life even in things we thought we could control. Covid-19 has taken away so much from our society and from people. It has taken the division our country has been fighting for decades and has made it come to a head in a time when we should be more together than ever.

To have something I could control, to have something my girls could look forward to, and to have something I could put a timetable on gave me some sense of normalcy; however, God was teaching me something else entirely. He was teaching me that I have no control in this world...not even over the flooring. Only He has complete control. The only thing in which I can control is myself. I must trust Him and His timetable alone. And so we delved into looking into our own souls during this time. It sparked conversations about the events in our country, how COVID was affecting everyone, and about the prejudice which still abounds.

The time in which our family was living in uncontrollable circumstances at home and around was in more control by the Lord himself. We gave ourselves over to the Lord not succumbing to the chaos but embracing the lessons it was teaching us. Embracing the lessons God was teaching us and getting back to the focus He wants us to have. To simply love God and love others. And if our house was a disaster in doing these things, so be it...because such is life sometimes!


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