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The Cobblestone Daily: Changing Perspective

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I expected to have accomplished more writing by this time. COVID hit the United States around March in which everything started shutting down. It was during this time that, while everyone was panicking, I was embracing time with my children and a slower change of pace. I was able to focus on my writing, take a trip to the beach, celebrate birthdays with the girls, send our foreign exchange student back to her family, and renovate our home.

Then, Covid-19 hit our family. The virus spread slowly to each one of us and our quarantine lasted a month. During this time, my focus was on our health. The symptoms hit us all the same, yet, each one of us felt the intensity and longevity differently. Our pool went green, our chickens were fed only as needed, and our pantry stayed stocked thanks to my family and friends. It was a time of growth together as we all stayed quarantined until the last person was well. It gave us a chance to think and a chance to evaluate.

We came to the end of our quarantine in time for school to go back into session and for my big girls to participate in band. It was perfect timing; however, it also meant it was time for me to begin homeschooling. I have loved every minute of this new venture; however, I almost didn't feel like we were mentally ready going from COVID to school. While I am thriving in the homeschool mom environment (I said we were thriving, I didn't write that we don't have challenging days.), I have not been able to maintain balance within my writing, homeschool, homemaker, housecleaner, soccer mom, public school mom life.

My expectations of homeschooling have not been exactly as I had envisioned. On the other hand, it has been much sweeter. I have had the privilege to watch my 5th grader enjoy school on every level she has mastered, and I have had the honor to watch my little one learn and grow in ways she has never done. We began soccer with our third girlie this fall and it has been such an exciting time for her to pick up a sport she has a natural talent in. Meanwhile, I have been able to walk with my big girls through changes in their stages of teenagehood.

These last three months have been a time of growth and change for our family in so many ways from new COVID school procedures, soccer, homeschool, band practice, and church. I feel it has been a whirlwind. During this time, I also wrestled with my writing. I have pondered the question of if I'm cut out for this, had writer's block during my COVID period, and overwhelmedness afterward; however, I found that my sacred story matters. I have something to say.

To me, our life is typical, filled with smiles, talks, and squabbles, farm emergencies, and school drama; however, our life is our own and it is unique. We are not like anyone else on this planet. As my homeschooled kids and I have started our unit on Asia, I am astounded at the different cultures and way of life so different from my own. I am in awe of the foods, rich history, and variety of indigenous animals; however, I realize my life can be just as exciting to others because it, too, can be different. My perspective is individual, our celebrations unique, and our lives refreshing to read about as I pour out my thoughts on paper...ahem, I mean computer. And so I begin to write again, to see things through the lens God gives me to see them, and to share...because in my sharing I may be able to give someone hope, a new perspective, or a simple smile.

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